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Techno Electronic Music

Originally from Tiberius in the northern district of Israel,
DJ Valley & Dawn started playing at 15 and has been engaged in the electronic music scene ever since.

At the age of 18, DJ Valley & Dawn had been pronounced clinically dead after having been involved in two separate car accidents in the same day (02.02.02).
The young DJ entered a 5-day coma after having been resuscitated and taken to the hospital. His recovery and experience has been documented as a "medical miracle" in the national press.

After volunteering in the army his musical vision began to crystallize and he subsequently moved to Tel-Aviv to pursue his passion, to produce music and to play at clubs.
DJ Valley & Dawn never shared the details regarding his near-death inner experience as he "won't spoil the experience for everyone" but it was and still is a transformative life event which influences his music to this day.

Techno music being his main genre, Dj Valley & Dawn has been experimenting with many other genres and is constantly looking for that next 'thing' which drives a dancefloor to madness.

If you're into Techno, EDM and other kinds of electronic music - you seriously need to check this DJ out.

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